soalan yang sama je .. bosan aku !!

Assalamualaikum and hi ~ hari ni nadia mempunyai banyak masa yang sangat free ni , so lets bblogging . 
weee ^_^ .  Tade la , act , nad just nak cerita sikit la sepanjang nad pegi class ni , nad naik cab untuk sampai ke satu station ni then nad akan naik monorail menuju ke tempat nadia belajar sekarang ni . maklum la , nak elakkan diri dari kesesakan lalu lintas , thats why naik je public transport , so tak salahkan :) okay , sepanjang nad naik cab je , MESTI ada pakcik teksi ni tanya , "adik ni memang asal kampung baru ke ?'' pakcik tu soal , then nadia menjawab " oh , yelah pakcik . kenapa ? " lalu pakcik tu terus bertanya lagi " duduk rumah sewa ke ?" nadia pun cakap sorang2 "apahal la pakcik ni sibuk sangat nak tahu " then nadia membalas pertanyaan pakcik teksi tu " tidaklah , nadia duduk rumah sendiri dengan dengan parent,abah saya orang kampung baru " jelas nadia kepada pakcik tu , then pakcik berkata lagi " wahhhhh , anak jutawan la ni ! " terkejut gila aku pakcik tu cakap macam tu . =.='' aku p0n iyekan jelahhh . then , pakcik tu sembang pulak dengan nad pasal tanah kampung baru yang akan dibeli oleh kerajaan pada bila2 masa je , sekarang ni sukar untuk kerajaan ambil tanah kampung baru ni kerana harganya sangat la tinggi , paling kurang 2 juta , jelas pakcik tu . dia pula yang excited cerita pasal tanah ni dengan nad . so nadia dengar and iyekan jelah . hahaha , s0 pakcik tu membebel sorang2 dia , then sampai la tempat dituju .. then , keesokan harinya juga , pakcik teksi yang lain bertanya soalan yang sama ... hmm . aptb =.='' * kalau tanya aku memang salah la , bukannya aku ambil tahu sangat * hahhahahaha .
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Aku rasa benda ni COOL gilerr ~

hOLLo Hi and Assalamualaikum .
 today , aku nak updAte sesuatu benda yang sangat cool and cute giler ,
aku suke gila ! HAHA . Disebabkan terlalu lah excited s0 tangan pun excited nak menulis juga kan .
haaa , pebenda la yang cool sangat tu kan , nak tahu ? jeng jeng jeng ...
tengok pict kat bawah ni :-

haaa ~ tengok dah kan ? omey tak ? hihihi :p 
act , yang pict aku tunjuk tu benda yang dalam phone aku , pict yang first to contact , selalunya dekat any phone background dia biasa2 je kann , haaa , but mine s00o cute kan . heeee :D  and second pict tu is app centre and the last pict tu la message  , so , dengan background seperti itu aku semakin suka je nak message2 nii , and yang best kan ada banyak sangat smiley yang cute and ada doodle . best ! 
act , tu jela yang aku cakap benda yang cool tu , hahahahaha ! well , biasa la orang baru tau ,so macam ni la excited nya :p oh oh , aku lupe, act bukan satu background je yang ada , ada banyakkk , can choose je ! phone korang ada juga tak macam ni ? kalau ada okay lah . weee ^_^ 
haaa , tu jelah untuk hari ini , have a nice day everyone . mmuah :*

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Eskyem yem yem @_@

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He broke up with her ...

at first shes in shock . then , slowly , the thought spreads over her mind . her whole body gets chilled to the bone . she blinks once ... twice ...she isn't dreaming . her own worst nightmare has formed into her reality . she loves him though ! her hands grow cold . and he ... he becomes silent on the other end . she wants to scream from the pain but holds back . the words come tumbling out of her mouth ... "I have to go." there is no emotion in his voice though when he says , "Sorry." the word not said carefully bites like ice .. she hangs up . she cant control herself now .. her whole body starts shaking .. she cant stop ...  and her eyes burn from the flaming tears . . :'( she still cant recall how long she cried . she cant even recall the thoughts that ran through her mind . then she wrote this as a reminder . she never knew her heart could hurt her body , mind , and soul so badly . She is a survivor of a broken heart. but a survivor such as she will never forget and the battle scar forever leaves a cruel memory .. 


* HER feels before *

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story story

hello and assalamualaikum ? okay , now i'll always updating my blog if i feel soo0oo0 free . before this , quit busy so thats why i rarely update my blog and i have nothing to story about . hmm . okay , today is saturday right ? so where are you going people  ? chilin ? hm . like me , i'm just stay at home and doing nothing . *lifeless* haha . no ,jk . today i just wasting my time with playing games , karaoeke , watching tv and bla bla bla . hahahaha . =.='
no no ! actually , i'm just coming back home from lowyat with my parent  . and you know what , my daddy bought me a new laptop yaw ! i never asked him to bought it to me . but ,alhamdulillah and i got one . tysm dad ! 
hmm , what else ? haaa , some of my friends asked me where i'm study at ? hmm . should i answer you question babe ? okay , here i will answer that question , if you read this , and you'll know it . lallala . :p okay , nadia study at Interexcel Advisory Sdn Bhd and takin Flight Attendance Preparatory Course and the fee is only Rm3800 , so , if you interested please come and register . :) HAha . emm , i hope one day i can be a flight Attendance . IF GOD WILLS IT .  :) okay , thats all from me nak tidur dah ni . goodbye and takecare . ;)
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Frames Suitable for your Face Shape .

Spectacles nowadays has not only become a aid for vision correction issues, it has become a fashion accessories for most people nowadays too. thus, it is important to pick the right frame for your face shape.there is several different face shapes available easily in eyewear shops. here’s a simple guide helping you in selecting your prefect frame ..
1. Oval shaped face.

your face length is about to 1 ½ longer than the width
there is only a slight difference between the jaw line and the temple
Your chin and hairline are gently rounded with no hard angles making them appear equal in size
Frame recommended: ALL TYPES! (LUCKY YOU!!) :))

2. Squared shaped face

You will have stronger angles at your hair and jaw line.
Frames recommended: Oval and round frames Glasses with temples that are center set or that connect at the top of the frame

3. Round shaped face

Fairly short with a wide forehead, often with full cheek and a rounded chin.
Frames recommended: Angular and geometric frames that sharpen facial features
Rectangular and horizontal styles make faces appear longer and thinner

4. Oblong face shape

Narrow shape that’s longer than it is wide. Angular features with high cheekbones, a longer nose and tall forehead.
Frames recommended:
Tall frames that help create a shorter face. Broad glasses with an accented top rim or decorative temple that adds width.

5. Heart shaped face

Broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow to a small chin.
Frames recommended: Bottom-heavy frames that add width to lower face. Styles with low-set temples to draw attention to lower face portion. Narrow, round frames that soften the forehead.

6. Triangular shaped face

Narrow forehead and eye line that widen at the cheeks and the chin.
Frames recommended: Semi-rimless frames that accentuate the upper face. Top-heavy styles that balance the width of the jaw. Frame bottoms that angle inward.

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