He broke up with her ...

at first shes in shock . then , slowly , the thought spreads over her mind . her whole body gets chilled to the bone . she blinks once ... twice ...she isn't dreaming . her own worst nightmare has formed into her reality . she loves him though ! her hands grow cold . and he ... he becomes silent on the other end . she wants to scream from the pain but holds back . the words come tumbling out of her mouth ... "I have to go." there is no emotion in his voice though when he says , "Sorry." the word not said carefully bites like ice .. she hangs up . she cant control herself now .. her whole body starts shaking .. she cant stop ...  and her eyes burn from the flaming tears . . :'( she still cant recall how long she cried . she cant even recall the thoughts that ran through her mind . then she wrote this as a reminder . she never knew her heart could hurt her body , mind , and soul so badly . She is a survivor of a broken heart. but a survivor such as she will never forget and the battle scar forever leaves a cruel memory .. 


* HER feels before *

Thanks for reading ~ kiss sikit .. mwahh :*


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